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U.S.A. Richmond, Virginia, The War Memorial Carillon.

The Commonwealth of Virginia has placed an order for the restoration of this First World War Memorial Carillon which was manufactured and installed by Taylor's in 1932. This concert carillon has 53 bells with a bass bell weighing 5.5 tons in the key of G.

The smallest 21 bells will be recast and fitted with new clappers and crown staples. The clappers and crown staples of the remaining bells will be restored. A new galvanised steel upper bell frame will be designed and manufactured to accommodate the newly manufactured radial transmission, and the existing roller bars of the lower tiers of the bell frame will be restored with new roller bearings.

The main bell frame and headstocks will be cleaned and restored by local contractors in Virginia.

The clavier will be dismantled and the moving parts will be returned to Loughborough for overhaul and for the replacement of all worn components before being returned to Richmond.

* Work on this project is underway.

* The new radial top bell frame has been manufactured and shipped to Richmond.

* The new bells have been cast and are being tuned.

*The new radial top frame has now been installed.


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