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Over Kellett, Lancashire, St Cuthbert.

The Warner eight which formerly hung in Church Kirk Parish Church will be remodelled and hung at Over Kellett. This will be their third move as they originally hung at Pendlebury and were transferred to Church Kirk after a fire destroyed that church's fine Taylor eight.

The tenor bell will be discarded and a new treble and 6th will be cast to create a lighter eight. The bells will be cleaned, conserved and re-tuned. The bell frame from Church Kirk will be rebuilt on new galvanised steel grillages on two tiers. The modern Taylor fittings will be restored for re-use and new fittings manufactured as necessary.

The project also involves the construction of two new floors - one as the bell chamber floor and the other as the ceiling of the ringing chamber. An openable/closable sound control system will be installed. A new ringing gallery will also be constructed to complete the project.

* This ring has been removed from Church Kirk and is at Loughborough.

* the bells from Over Kellett have been lowered and the mediaeval second bell has been taken to Loughborough for conservation.

* Our joiners are on site constructing the belfry floors.

* The two new bells to complete the lighter octave were cast on 5th October.

* The bells are being fettled prior to tuning.

* The new belfry floors and sound control system have been completed.

* The cutting of the pockets in the stonework to receive the new bell frame is underway.

* The new bells have been tuned - the Warner bells' tuning will be improved next week.

* The two tier bell frame has been constructed and its steel components sent away for galvanising.

* The bell wheels have been re-soled and re-shrouded,

*The Warner bells have been inscribed with the names of donors.

*Installation in the tower is underway.

The bells have been test rung

* Photo of the bells when at Church KIrk.

The test ringing band and Bellhangers.


Nick Ward from Over Kellett wrote: "Many thanks to everyone at Taylor's for ensuring the new bells will ring on Christmas Day. I must say this time last week I was pessimistic it would happen ... 4 hours to get them off the vehicle and on to the frames then 3 days to the test ring must surely be getting on for a record. Thanks again and have a good Christmas."

Martin Daniels, President of the Lancashire Association described it as " A wonderful project".

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