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Marsden, West Yorkshire, St Bartholomew's Parish Church.

This West Yorkshire Church houses a beautiful Taylor ring of ten, with a tenor bell weighing 26 cwts. The entire installation dates from 1923, when the back eight were installed in a new cast iron ten bell frame - the trebles were added in 1954.

Being high up in the Pennines, and with spacious louvre openings, the installation has suffered badly with wetting for a century. This has caused damage to the bell frame through rusting, causing ringing to be recently suspended.

The church has placed an order for the manufacture and fitting of "Galebreaker" screens at the louvres to stop the ingress of rain, and for remedial repairs to the bell frame to be undertaken to allow ringing to resume.

* The "Galebreaker" screens have been manufactured and fitted to the louvre openings.

*Repairs to the bellframe are underway and are proving to be more extensive than first ordered.



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