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Barnstaple, Devon - The Guildhall Bell.

Updated: 21 hours ago

The Guildhall bell dates from 1714 and originally hung in the Butchers' Market. It now hangs in a rounded domed octagonal cupola atop the Guildhall. With major restoration work being undertaken on the Guildhall at present the Town Council have placed an order for the bell to be removed to Loughborough for cleaning, conservation and for the manufacture of new fittings for swing chiming.

This bell was cast by John Packer of Bristol and is dated 1715. It is heavily corroded from the sulpher verdigris of local coal fires.

  • This bell was removed to the Foundry on Thursday 4th April.

  • The bell has been sent away for cleaning by sandblasting.

  • The bell has been conserved, cleaned and is ready to receive its new fittings.

  • The new fittings have been manufactured.

The bell before removal.



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