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Wembury, Devon, St Werburgh's Parish Church.

This tower houses a 6 cwt six, the back five being cast by Mears & Stainbank in 1909 and a treble bell added by them in 1949. The bells hang in a cast iron and steel bell frame by William Aggett & Son of Chagford, with a M & S extension in 1949.

The bells will be removed from the tower and brought to Loughborough for the manufacture of new fittings, with the exception of the wheel centres. The Bells' canons will be removed and they will be conserved, cleaned and tuned before being rehung. The Aggett bell frame will be cleaned and repainted and an additional under grillage will be manufactured and installed to strengthen it.

  • These bells have been removed to Loughborough this week.

  • The bells' canons have been removed prior to the fitting of new headstocks.

  • The bells have been cleaned and conserved.

  • The bells have been tuned.

  • The bells are having their new headstocks fitted.



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