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Waltham Abbey, Essex, The Holy Cross.

With a tenor bell weighing in at 37 cwts. this complete Taylor twelve dates mainly from 1914, but with other bells being recast or added by Taylor's in 1962, 1979, and 2019. When the main recasting and rehanging work was carried out in 1914 funds were tight and some of the original wooden headstocks and fittings were reused, and since then some of the clappers and crown staples were replaced by other contractors.

After a complete survey of the bell hangs and timings the parish has now placed an order for new clappers and crown staples to be manufactured for bells 3, 5, 8, 9 & 11, and for new bell wheels to be manufactured for bells 8 & 10. Once complete, the work should improve the timing of the entire ring, making them flow more easily.

* The new clappers are being manufactured.

* The new bell wheels are being manufactured.



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