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Trull, Somerset, All Saints' Parish Church.

The 14 cwt six in this church was last rehung by LLewellins & James in 1887, with Mears & Stainbank also carrying out major maintenance in 1933. The bells are by four different founders and and date between circa 1550 & 1887. They hang in a two tier oak frame with five bells in the lower tier in a frame made by James Kibler in 1769, and the treble bell in an extension upper frame by LLewellins & James.

The entire installation will now be removed from the tower and the bells brought back to Loughborough for conservation, cleaning and some tuning.

All new ringing fittings will be manufactured for the bells and a new cast iron and galvanised steel "H" frame will be constructed to house the ring on one level.

*Project on hold till August 2024 due to nesting bats in belfry.



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