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Teversal, Nottinghamshire, The Parish Church of St Katherine.

The tower of this church houses a 9 cwt five, the work of four different bell founders dating between 1551 & 1758. Taylor's carried out a partial rehanging here in 1920, replacing some of the fittings and restoring others.

The church has now placed an order for further restoration to be undertaken. The bells will be lowered into their pits and their wooden headstocks, clappers, crown staples and rope roller boxes will be removed to Loughborough. New gudgeons will be fitted to the cast iron headstock box housings, together with new roller bearings in new cast iron bearing housings. The clappers and crown staples will be restored, and new hardwood pulleys turning on fully enclosed ball bearings fitted to the rope roller boxes. The restored fittings will be returned to Teversal and the bells rehung.



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