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Stratton St Margaret, Wiltshire. The Parish Church of St Margaret of Antioch.

This parish has placed an order for a major rehang of their 8 cwt eight. The front six bells were cast by Mears & Stainbank in 1909 & 1931, with bell 7 being the work of Edward Neale in 1669, and the tenor having been cast by Charles & George Mears in 1846. The last major rehanging was undertaken by The Whitechapel Bell Foundry in 1931.

The bells and their fittings will be removed to Loughborough for conservation, tuning and the manufacture of new cast iron headstocks and manly new fittings. The bell frame will be cleaned and be repainted while the bells are away, and new louvre netting will be fitted.

The present ringing chamber ceiling will be removed and will be replaced with a new ceiling set higher to ease the handling of the bells.

  • This ring of eight has been removed from the tower and is at Loughborough.

  • The bells have been cleaned by gentle sand blasting

  • The bells have been conserved.

  • The headstocks have been cast and gudgeons fitted.

  • The bell wheels have been re-shrouded and re-soled.

  • The sanctus bell is being restored.

  • The bells are in the tuning shop and have been tuned.

  • The new headstocks are being fitted.

  • The new ringing chamber ceiling is being installed.



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