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Staunton, Gloucestershire, St James.

The 9 cwt ring of six, their frame and fittings in this tower will be removed and brought to Loughborough. The bell frame sides will be rebuilt on a new steel grillage, and mainly new ringing fittings will be manufactured for the bells. The second bell is cracked and will be repaired by specialist bronze welding. All the bells will be cleaned, conserved and tuned before being rehung.

A new rope guide will also be manufactured and installed to make the handling of the bells easier.

* These bells have been removed and are at Loughborough.

* The cast iron "H" frames have been sandblasted and primed ready for the rebuilding of the bell frame.

* The bells have been cleaned by gentle sand blasting.

* The canons have been removed and new bell pads cast on the heads of the bells.

* The new headstocks have been cast.

* The bell frame has been completed.

* The headstocks are being fitted to the bells prior to hanging in the bell frame.

* The bell frame will be installed in the tower week commencing 23rd October.

* The bells have been hung and test rung on Friday 3rd November.

* The rehung bells were dedicated by the Bishop of Gloucester on 8th November.

* The bells have been test rung.



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