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St Dennis, Cornwall, The Parish Church of St Denys.

A major restoration of this 9 cwt eight will be undertaken mainly due to the excessive rusting which has affected the installation.

The coastal location of the church, and the porosity of the granite that it is built of, is the basic cause of the problems here. Taylor's cast five of the bells in 1909 and installed them in a new cast iron and steel bell frame. By 1938, when two treble bells augmented the ring to eight, the rusting of the bell frame base girders was so severe that the entire installation had to be removed to Loughborough for rebuilding on specially cast iron girders.

The cast iron girders have stood the test of time, but all the securing bolts have rusted so badly that they risk cracking the iron side frames.

The entire installation, with the exception of the cast iron base girders, will be removed again to Loughborough for the cleaning by sand blasting of the frame sides and headstocks. All new galvanised steel bell bolts and all other bolts will be manufactured. New bell wheels will be manufactured and the rope roller boxes, clappers and crown staples will be restored. The mediaeval 6th bell, which was cast by William Chamberlain circa 1456, will be strengthened in its head by the bronze welding of old bolt holes and other weak areas.

The entire installation will then be rehung in the tower.

  • These bells have been removed and are at Loughborough.

  • All cast iron components have been sand blasted.

  • Four new bell wheels are being manufactured, and four are being restored.

  • New gudgeons are being fitted to the headstocks.

  • The bell frame has been rebuilt.

  • All components are now manufactured and ready for dispatch.

  • Work installing this ring is underway.



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