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Trincomalee, Sri Lanka. Thirukonamalai Koneswaram Alaya Temple

An order has been received for the casting of a 46" diameter bell, weighing approximately 18 cwts. The bells will be hung for slow swinging on a cast iron counterbalanced headstock and clapper. A galvanised steel bell frame will be designed and manufactured to complete the project. The bell will swing automatically driven by a linear electric motor and control unit.

* The mould for this bell is being prepared prior to casting on Friday 15th September.

* The bell was successfully cast and is now in the tuning shop.

* The bell has been tuned and sounds beautiful.

* The new counterbalanced headstock and clapper have been cast and fettled.

* The galvanised steel bell frame has been completed

*The bell has been fitted with its headstock and drive motor and nears ready for export.

*A Poojah - a service of blessing - has been held this afternoon, 29th December, before the bell travels to Sri Lanka.



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