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Remembering Richard Burton, a Taylor's Bell Hanger who Died 100 years ago!

Richard Burton, one of our bell hangers, died in an accident at Whalley Parish Church, Lancashire in February 1924. He'd been sent to take out the old peal of bells before installing a new 22 cwt ring of eight. In the darkness, lit only by a candle, after his day's work was finished he went into the ringing chamber to fetch his coat and forgot that the trap door was open. He fell to the church floor below, fracturing his skull, and died the following day in Blackburn Infirmary.

Richard had worked for Taylor's for 20 years and was an experienced employee, so a verdict of Accidental Death was recorded by the coroner. We have no photograph of Richard Burton in our archives but will remember him in our thoughts 100 years later.


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