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Lincoln, Lincolnshire, St Peter's Church in Eastgate.

The western turret of this church houses a 3 cwt Taylor bell dating from 1875. The bell's fittings are at the end of their safe useful life so new traditional fittings for swing chiming will be manufactured and the bell will be rehung. The new fittings will comprise a traditional hardwood headstock, carved to fit the bell's canons with new plate gudgeons and ball bearings. A chiming lever, clapper and crown staple, pulleys and traditional bell rope.

* This bell has been removed and is now at Loughborough.

* This bell has been cleaned by gentle sand blasting.

* New traditional fittings for swing chiming have been manufactured.

* Stainless steel straps and fixings have been manufactured for this bell exposed to the weather.

* All is ready for dispatch.

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