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Kingswear, Devon, The Parish Church of St. Thomas of Canterbury.

The 9cwt ring of three in this tower hang in a cast iron and steel "H" frame for six which dates from 1939, when Taylor's recast the tenor and rehung the bells with all new fittings.

The PCC has placed an order for work to restore the bell frame, digging out the foundation beam ends, treating and re-grouting them, and cleaning and painting the entire bell frame. Three new treble bells will be cast and new ringing fittings will be manufactured before they are hung to complete the ring of six.

  • Two of the new treble bells were cast on 11th July.

  • Work to the bell frame has been completed.

  • The moulds for the new bells are being prepared.

  • Casting of two of the bells took place on Thursday 11th July.

  • The mould for the last of the trebles is being prepared.

Photos: Carl Saunders.



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