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Keerimalai Naguleswaram Sivan Temple, Sri Lanka.

Updated: Jun 27

An order has been placed for the casting of a new bell for this temple in Sri Lanka. The bell will have a diameter of 43", weigh approximately 16 cwts, and sound note F. The bell will be finished in gold as is traditional.

Along with the bell a full set of fittings has been ordered to allow the bell to be sounded by slow swinging, this includes a cast iron counter-balanced headstock, crown staple & clapper, and a wheel. A new galvanised steel bell frame will be constructed and shipped to Sri Lanka with the bell and its fittings.

  • The mould for this bell is being prepared and the bell will cast in about a month's time.

  • This bell has been cast and awaits being dug up.

  • This bell has been fettled.

  • The counterbalanced headstock has been cast, and its gudgeons fitted.

  • The bell has been tuned and sounds beautiful.

  • The new bell frame has been manufactured and galvanised.

  • All is ready for dispatch.

  • The bell has been blessed at at Pojah Ceremony.



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