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Bulkington, Warwickshire, St James.

A major restoration will be undertaken on this ring of eight to deal with the problem of excessive tower movement. The 16th century tenor bell will be retired and a lighter eight will be created using the seventh bell as tenor. The 6th bell cast in 1605 will also be retired and a replacement 6th and new treble bell will be cast and tuned to complete the lighter complete Taylor octave. The 1924 Taylor bell frame will be rebuilt and be sited lower in the tower, and the Taylor 1924 & 1948 fittings will be restored or replaced as necessary.

* The new bells were cast on Thursday 3rd August.

* The bells have been removed from the tower.

* The bells and frame are now at Loughborough.

* The bell frame is being rebuilt in the foundry.

* The bells, headstocks and frame sides have been cleaned by sand blasting.

* The headstocks are being fitted to the bells.

* The bells have been fettled and tuned.

* The reconfigured bell frame has been rebuilt and the new steel parts sent away for galvanising.

* The bells have had their headstocks, clappers and crown staples fitted and have been rung up on our ringing-up stand to check clapper timing.

*Installation in the tower is underway.

*The bells have been test rung.

Photo: Michael Chester.



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