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Ashwell, Rutland, St Mary's Church

This tower houses an unringable six (tenor 10cwt) by four different founders dating between 1708 and 1850 with five bells being hung in a lower bell frame and the treble above. The bells, upper bell frame and fittings will be removed from the tower and the bells brought to Loughborough for conservation and tuning. All new ringing fittings and a new galvanised steel upper bell frame will be manufactured and the bells rehung. When rehung, the third bell will be hung in the new upper frame, and the treble will be re-located to the lower frame.

The second bell was found to be of very poor tone and a replacement second was cast.

* Work to remove the bells and their fittings from the tower is now underway.

* The bells are now at the Foundry.

* Work manufacturing the new fittings is underway.

*The bells have been conserved , cleaned and had their canons removed.

*The new upper bell frame has been manufactured.

*The headstocks, stays and wheels have been manufactured.

*The seating pads have been cast on the heads of the bells.

*The bells have been tuned.

*The new headstocks are being fitted to the bells.

*The replacement second bell has been cast and tuned.

*Installation on site is underway.

*These bells have been test rung.



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