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Ansty, Warwickshire, St James' Parish Church.

This tower houses an unringable four with a tenor bell weighing nearly 5 cwts in the key of D. Due to restricted space the bells hang in a two tier oak bell frame installed by Warners in 1876 with two bells on each level. The bell frame is no longer strong enough to contain the forces generated by full circle ringing, and the 1876 Warner bell fittings are at the end of their useful lifespan.

The bells will be removed from the tower for conservation and tuning and for the manufacture of new galvanise steel ringing headstocks as a first stage in their full restoration when funds allow in future years. New electro-magnetic chiming hammers and a programmable Apollo Unit will be manufactured and fitted to allow the bells to be chimed.

*These bells have been removed from the tower and are now at the Foundry.



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