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Alconbury, Cambridgeshire, The Parish Church of S S Peter & Paul.

This church houses a 11 cwt unringable six by three different founders dating between1673 & 1876. The installation will be removed and the bells brought to Loughborough for conservation, cleaning and tuning. Mainly new ringing fittings and a new bell frame will manufactured and the bells rehung.

* The bells have been removed and cleaned. New fittings are being manufactured. The moulds for the new headstocks are ready for casting.

* The new bell frame is being manufactured and nears completion.

* The bell wheels have been adapted, re-soled & re-shrouded.

* The bell frame has been sent away for galvanising.

* All is ready for dispatch.

* The bell frame has been installed.

* The bells arrived at the church week commencing 2nd October.

* The bells have now been hung.

* The bells have been test rung.

* the fitting of the clock hammers will complete this scheme.



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