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Belfry Sound Control:-    Good neighbourliness is vital in every community, and church bells that are too loud for a particular location can cause problems. Our company has great experience in dealing with such matters, and we will be pleased to advise parishes on suitable sound control measures to eliminate such problems.

The sound control is fitted to the inside face of the belfry louvres and is, therefore, invisible outside the tower. Systems can be made to be openable/closeable to allow the bells to be heard to their full effect when needed, and much quieter at other times. The effectiveness of each system is designed to meet individual requirements, from providing a slight reduction in sound, to making a massive difference in sensitive locations.

All materials used are of exterior quality for durability, and all fixings into the masonary of the tower are of stainless steel to ensure no damage occurs to the fabric. Please ask for an inspection and quotation - these are provided free of change on the UK mainland.


Weatherproofing Belfry Louvres:-     Driving rain through the belfry louvres can cause great damage to bells' equipment and belfry floors over a period of time, costing many thousands of pounds to repair. With the development of various types of industrial/agricultural weather proof sheeting in recent years, such damage is no longer necessary. Our engineers regularly fit such sheeting to the interior faces of louvres so that it is invisible outside. It is fitted in frames that are designed to expell rain water through the louvres to the outside of the tower.

A sheeting product like "Galebreaker" is designed to be waterproof but it still allows air to circulate through it, and this is vital for the ventiallation of befries to ensure that the conditions which allow fungal attack are not set up.

The wooden frames that hold the sheeting are treated to ensure a long life span, and are fixed to the fabric using stainless steel fixings. Please ask for an inspection and quotation - these are provided free of charge on the UK mainland.


Netting Belfry Louvre Windows:-    Bird ingress into church towers causes substantial damage if it remains uncontrolled for long periods of time. Bird debris and guano, when wetted with rain water or moisture, leaches into the timber of bell frames and floors, setting up ripe conditions for infestation of various fungal diseases, insect attack and rot. This poses a direct threat to the health of anyone venturing into the belfry, and destroys the timber over a period of time. The cost of putting such damage right can run into many thousands of pounds.

We are pleased to offer a louvre netting service guaranteed to keep birds out of towers. Various trypes of netting are available, and where these need fixing in frames to the masonary of the tower, stainless steel fixings are always used. Please ask for a report and quotation - no charge is made for these on the UK Mainland.


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