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Church Bell Ropes

At the Loughborough Bell Foundry we have our own rope walk and do manufacture our own bell ropes both to fulfil customers' contracts when new or restored rings of bells are being processed, and when new sets are required for existing peals of bells.

A salley being shved to the correct thickness.

Bell ropes ready for dispatch

Important Information:-     Our bell ropes are made with pre-stretched terylene top end, and hemp rope as the basis for the salleys and tail ends. The ropes are under tension from the moment of their completion and naturally try to release the tension wound into them. On receipt of new bell ropes customers must either immediately put them on their bells or hang them with significant weights to prevent the tension loosening. Failure to do so can cause the ropes to become slightly stretchy for the ringers.

Testimonial:-    Mike Chester wrote saying, "We've had Taylor's bellropes at Allesley since the Foundry completed their work on our bells two years ago. They have been a joy to ring on and look as good today as the day we fitted them."


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