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Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme amended to cover more bells work, professional fees and bellropes etcetera - click here

New Blood

 Neil Thomas has joined our staff after the closure of the Whitechapel Bellfoundry as a senior bell hanger - we welcome him. 

Our future depends on training new craftsmen, and this week Kit Bardsley and Alex Davies joined us to begin their apprenticeships as bell hangers. We welcome them, hope they will be happy working with us, and look forward to watching their progress.

Kit "feeding" his first bell after the casting of Godalming's tenors.

Alex, also at the Godalming cast and getting stuck in.


Re-Roofing the Girder Store

As part of the emergency repairs of roofs and gutters the girder store, which houses our large tuning lathe, has had a new roof. The work, funded jointly by English Heritage and U.K. Bellfoundries Ltd has seen more than £800k of emergency repairs completed this year.

This rotten roof truss had to be remade and strengthened.

The rotten roof truss before repair.

Re-Roofed - the girdar store looks splendid.


Moving the Archive Back!

Restored and looking splendid!

With the completion of repairs to the Old Board Room and Records Storage area the massive task of moving everything back took place on Thursday 6th April 2017. George Dawson, one of our archivists, was helped by Peter Hawcock, John Mulvey, Martyn Marriott & Rachel Semken and to them we send our profuse thanks. The development and repair of the "Foundry" envisages the construction of a new purpose-built Archive Storage Facility, but we will have to wait three years or more before this becomes a reality.

Peter Hawcock takes a well earned rest at the end of the moving day!

All ship shape and Bristol fashion!


"Salvage Hunters" Film at Loughborough

Quest TV's "Salvage Hunter's" Drew Pritchard and sidekick Tee with Taylor's Director, Simon Adams during the filming of an episode of the programme filmed on 2nd February 2017.


Remembering John William Taylor I

Aftyer planning permission is granted the Blue Plaque has finally been mounted on the tower wall.


Restoring the Old Board Room


The Old Board Room is having a complete makeover. A new roof and insulation above has made it warm and watertight at last. The old ceiling, covered with polystyrene tiles, has been removed and a new lime plaster ceiling installed. The sash windows have been repaired, and the 1950's partition wall that divided the room has been removed. Once fully restored this fire proofed room will house our extensive records and archive collection.

Restoration nears completion - it looks splended.

The new lime plaster ceiling has been completed and decoraration is well underway.


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