July - September 2017

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2017 Completed Projects

Work Completed July - September 2017

Castle Bromwich, West Midlands, The Parish Church of St Mary and St Margaret:-      The ring of six at this church were cast by Gillett & Johnston of Croydon in 1952, and were hung on their former fittings and in their original bell frame at that time. The bells were removed from the tower, cleaned by gentle sand blasting, and two new G & J profile trebles were cast to complete the octave. A new eight bell frame of galvanised steel and cast iron was manufactured, together with all new ringing fittings. The bells were then rehung lower in the tower.

The new bell frame nears completion.

The bells, fitted with new headstocks, ready for dispatch.

And leaving Loughborough for Castle Bromwich.

Iwerne Courtney, Dorset, St Mary's Parish Church, Shroton:-     This 9 cwt ring of six were removed from the tower and brought to Loughborough. The ancient 5th bell was repaired by welding and a new tenor bell was cast to replace the existing under weight bell. The bells were cleaned by sandblasting and were tuned. Mainly new ringing fittings were manufactured, the others were fully restored. The bells were then rehung in their existing bell frame.

One of Chris Dalton's beautiful photos, showing Shroton Church in its beautiful location.

Shroton's new tenor bell.

Richmond, North Yorkshire, St Mary's Parish Church:-     A new ring of eight with an 11 cwt tenor bell has been cast and installed at this church. The bells, together with all new bell fittings and a new cast iron and galvanised steel "lowside" bell frame have been hung slightly lower in the tower. The five oldest bells from the old eight, dating fro, circa 1500, 1697 and 1737, have been retained and have been hung for stationary chiming in a new galvanised steel bell frame above the new ring. A new galvanised steel walkway has also been designed and installed above the ring of bells.

St Mary's, Richmond, North Yorkshire

Colin paints the cast iron lowside frames.

Construction nears completion - all steelwork is galvanised after manufacturing has been completed.

Godalming, Surrey, The Parish Church of S.S. Peter & Paul:-      The heavy eight at this church was retuned and rehung in a new cast iron and steel bell frame by Taylor's in 1976. Although that work proved to be satisfactory, the sound the old bells produced was poor when compared with a similar weight local ring Taylor's recently recast. The decision was made to recast the entire ring, and a new 24 cwt eight has now been installed in the 1976 frame. Mostly new fittings, including new headstocks have been manufactured, and the ring has been rehung.

Marta fettles one of the new bells.

Godalming's new ring with Girdar who tuned them (New eight for Ypres on left hand side).

Loaded up and ready to set off to Godalming.

Hull, East Yorkshire, Holy Trinity:-    One of England's largest and most magnificent mediaeval parish churches, Holy Trinity houses a grand ring of twelve, plus three semi tone bells. In 2012/13 an automatic carillon of 23 bells was cast at Taylor's and installed under the supervision of their generous benfactor, David Stipetic. The new carillon added another dimension to the soundscape of Hull, and has proved to be very popular. The bottom two semi tone bells have now been cast and added to complete a 25 bell carillon in time for Hull's year as European City of Culture.

Holy Trinity, Hull.

Cornworthy, Devon, St Peter's Parish Church:-     Major maintenance work has been completed on this John III & Christopher IV Pennington six that date from 1781. The bells were last rehung by Taylors in 1939. The undergrillage has been repaired and strengthened with two new galvanised steel girders added and the existing beam ends and gate ends repaired. The bell frame was stripped and re painted after the repair work was completed. The clappers and crown staples have been restored and the rope roller boxes rennovated, together with one bell wheel.

Customer Testimonial:-     Caroline Hunt wrote from Conrworthy to say, "Our first bell practice was last night and the team were thrilled. They sounded so different. We have very much enjoyed the company of Steve and Anthony, and they have been brilliant."

Canterbury, Kent, St Dunstan's Parish Church:-     The three largest bells from this ring were lowered into their pits by members of the Kent County Association Bell Restoration Group and their headstocks, and the clappers and crown staples of all six bells were delivered to Loughborough for major maintenance work. The clappers and crown staples were fully restored, and new plate gudgeon boxes, gudgeons, bearings, bearing housings and wheel bracing was manufactured for the headstocks. The restored fittings have been collected for re-fitting by the local volunteers.

The restored fittings ready for dispatch.

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