April - June 2017

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2017 Completed Projects

Work Completed April - June 2017

Nether Heyford, Northamptonshire, S.S. Peter & Paul:-      Maintenance work has been completed on this ring of six. The clappers, crown staples and rope roller boxes have been completely refurbished and refitted to the bells. Work to the ceiling bosses has completed the job.

Malpas, Cheshire, St Oswald's Parish Church:-     Major maintence work has been completed on this 15 cwt eight. The last major restoration was undertaken by Taylor's in 1914, with new frame, fittings and four new bells. The headstocks of 1, 2 & 6 were returned to Loughborough for new gudgeons and bearings to be fitted (the other headstocks have been restored in recent years), The bell wheels were also returned to the Foundry for stripping, treating with preservative, and the refixing of their soling and shrounding with stainless steel screws. The bell frame was stripped and repainted while the fittings were away.

Malpas headstocks after restoration.

Maghull, Merseyside, St Andrew's Parish Church:-     This chime of eight bells (Taylor's 1918) has been completely refurbished. The clappers, crown staples, return springs, transmission and clavier have all been fully restored and reassembled. While all the components were at Loughborough the bell frame was stripped and repainted.

Grinton, North Yorkshire, St Andrew's Parish Church:-     Taylor's provided two new treble bells for this church last year, and we have now completed major maintenance work on the back six bells. The bells were lifted and their bearings were cleaned/replaced. The clappers/crown staples and rope roller boxes were restored and refitted, and a new ringing chamber ceiling is to be installed by a local joiner to reduce the unguided rope draught to complete this project.

Rainford, Merseyside, All Saints Parish Church:-     Major maintenance work has been completed to this classic Taylor 13 cwt eight. The entire installation dates from 1904 and has served well for more than a century. All the fork topped clappers and crown staples have been restored, and seven of the bells had their headstocks removed and new bell pads were manufactured and fitted.

Brooke, Norfolk, St Peter's Parish Church:-     A major restoration project has been completed on this 14 cwt ring of six. The bells are the work of three different founders and date between 1535 and 1758. The oak bellframe dated from 1758, and this was carefully dismantled and part of it reconstructed on a new galvanised steel grillage in the middle chamber for the hanging of dumb bells as a teaching facility. Conservation work to the bells was carried out, but permissions given allowed no tuning. A new galvanised steel bellframe was manufactured and installed, and the bells rehung in it on all new ringing fittings.

Customer Testimonial:-   John Ash has written from Brooke to say, "We are overjoyed with the go of the bells and it has been worth all the hard work. Please pass on our thanks to all those involved in the project. We have a set of rehung bells and we are proud of you and you should be proud of the effort put in by all your staff. Special thanks must go to Oggy (Andrew Ogden) and Steve (Westerman) for their dedication and professionalism and also for their patience working with us amateurs. With thanks from all at St Peter's and Brooke generally."

Brooke Parish Church with one of Norfolk's round towers.

The bells fitted with new canon retaining headstocks.

Nearing completion - the steel bellframe before being sent away for galvanising.

Cleator Moor, Cumbria, St John's Parish Church:-     This 21 cwt ring of eight dates from 1909 and is the work of the Loughborough Foundry. The church has been made redundant, and so the entire installation has been purchased by Taylors for rennovation and re-use elsewhere. The bells and fittings have been removed from the tower and brought back to Loughborough.

Part of the inscription on Cleator Moor's tenor bell.

London, Southwark Cathedral:-     Work on this project has been completed with the hanging of the sharp second in a new galvanised steel bellframe above the ringing peal. The bell has been resited to give a better rope drop than was previously the case.

The sharp 2nd in its new bell frame. ( Photo: Roy Le Marechal.)

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