January - March 2017

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2017 Completed Projects

Work Completed January - March 2017

Erdington, Birmingham, West Midlands, St Barnabas' Parish Church:-     The clappers and crown staples from this 15 cwt Taylor 1903 eight have been fully restored and returned to the tower.

Fishtoft, Lincolnshire, St Guthlac's Parish Church:-     The tenor headstock was removed and returned to the Foundry for new gudgeons and bearings. The six clappers and crown staples were also completely restored and returned to the bells.

Alrewas, Staffordshire, The National Arboretum:-     Lions International placed an order for a small loam cast bell to be cast with their Logo incorporated. The bell, together with clapper and fixings was manufactured and supplied to them.

The Foundry in Spring sunshine!

Clophill, Bedfordshire, St Mary's Parish Church:-     The three bells at this church were lowered into their pits and the treble and tenor bells had their cast-in iron crown staples drilled out in the tower. New trigger action clappers were manufactured and fitted to the bells, and the bells rehung for chiming.

Alderton, Gloucestershire, St Margaret:-     Maintenance work has been completed on this 9 cwt ring of six which was last rehung by Bond of Burford in 1909. Work to the clappers has included the replacement of two clappers with new and the restoration of the others. Hardwood rope roller boxes have been manufactured, supplied and fitted, and new ceiling and floor bosses have been supplied and fitted to the floor of the clock chamber and ceiling of the ringing chamber.

Little Aston, Staffordshire, St Peter:-     The tenor clapper and crown staple from this 9 cwt ring of six has been replaced.

Chagford, Devon, St Michael's Parish Church:-     This beautiful Taylor 18 cwt ring of eight was supplied to William Aggett (Bellhanger) in 1914. With the "go" of the bells having deteriorated badly over the years, the parish ordered a complete rehang by Taylors. A new cast iron and galvanised steel bellframe has been manufactured and installed in the tower, and the bells rehung on mainly new ringing fittings.

Marta applying the graphite coating before final polishing.

Each of the bells is rung up in the Foundry before dispatch to check clappering speed and accuracy.

The bells lined up ready for final polish and dispatch.

Strensham, Worcestershire, St John the Baptist:-     Two modern Taylor bells (ex Kettering) have been retuned for Matthew Higby who is augmenting this 11 cwt six to a full octave.

Taunton, Somerset, The Parish Church:-     Additional to the major contract to install a new ring of twelve bells, the parish requested the old treble bell be retained and hung as a First World War Memorial. Our craftsmen have manufactured a moveable stand from seasoned oak and the bell has been delivered to the church.

Taunton's Memorial Treble on its new moveable oak stand which was manufactured by our craftsmen in our wood shop.

Barming, Kent, St Margaret of Antioch:-    A new Ellacombe chiming system has been manufactured and fitted to this 9 cwt ring of six.

A Bell for Ghana:-     Carramore International Ltd ordered a new 18" bell for a church in Ghana. This has now been cast, tuned and supplied with headstock, clapper, crown staple and bell rope.

Stand, Greater Manchester, All Saints':-    This church is the home to a 22 cwt G & J ring of eight, dating from 1912. During major work to the tower the bells had to be protected, and the bell wheels etc removed. This work is now complete, and the bell fittings have been reinstated.

Dalmahoy, Edinburgh, Scotland:-     The two bells from this church have been replaced with two new Taylor bells with new fittings for swing chiming.

Low Bentham, North Yorkshire, St John the Baptist:-     This heavy ring of six (tenor 19 cwts) is the work of Taylors and dates from 1877. The clappers/crownstaples from this ring have been brought to Loughborough for restoration, and this work is now complete.

Simon with Low Bentham's restored clappers.

Exminster, Devon, St Martin's Parish Church:-     This ring was rehung and augmented to eight by Taylors in 1948. Refurbishment work to the roller boxes and clappers/crownstaples has now been completed.

Southwark, The Cathedral Church of St Saviour & St Mary Overie:-     A major restoration of this heavy ring of twelve has been completed. The bells and their fittings were removed from the tower and brought to Loughborough. Mainly the work of Samuel Knight, and dating from 1735, the bells had their cast-in crown staples removed, and new seating pads cast on their crowns. The tenor and seventh bells were recast, after tuning giving Southwark a slightly heavier tenor of 48 cwts 3 qrs 1 lb. The old bells were retuned. New bell fittings were manufactured, and the ancient oak bell frame strengthened. The extension bell frame housing the sharp 2nd bell was repositioned to give a more direct rope drop, and a new undergrillage manufactured for it.

Southwark Cathedral's central tower which houses their 48 cwt ring of twelve.

Girdar tunes the new tenor bell on our large tuning lathe.

The bells ready for a Service of Blessing.

The Very Reverend Andrew Nunn, Dean of Southwark, with the new tenor ready for its final polish.

Lifting one of the bells back into the belfry.

Looking down from the chamber beneath the ringing chamber - it's a long drop.

Tarvin, Cheshire, St Andrew's Parish Church:-     Working with local volunteers, major maintenace work has now been completed on this 8 cwt six. Local ringers removed the clappers, crownstaples and one headstock and brought them to the Foundry. New gudgeons were fitted to the headstock, and the clappers/crownstaples were restored before the ringers collected them and returned the fittings to the bells.

Beaminster, Dorset, St Mary of the Annunciation:-     This 22 cwt ring of ten was rehung by Taylors in 1967. Major maintenance work has now been completed, in cluding the complete stripping and repainting of the cast iron and steel bell frame, with its upper surfaces being finished with an anti-slip paint. The clappers and crownstaples have been completely restored, and a new wooden shafted clapper supplied for the tenor bell.

Some of Beaminster clappers ready for dispatch.

Taunton, Somerset, St Mary Magdelene Parish Church:-     The old ring of twelve, plus three semitone bells have been replaced with a new ring of twelve with a tenor bell weighing 27 cwts. A flat 6th has also been cast and hung for ringing, together with a sharp 5th and sharp 9th, hung for chiming. New bell fittings throughout have been manufactured, and a new bell frame of cast iron and galvanised steel has been sited lower in the tower. A new, automatic carillon chiming system has been manufactured and installed Two new floors have been installed, and sound control will complete this major project. This tower, previously noted for significant movement when the bells rung with significant handling problems, now has a beautiful sounding, easy to ring twelve, in a tower where movement is now very little.

Taunton Parish Church - a magnificent Somerset tower.

Lowering the old bells.

The 8th bell of Taunton's new ring of twelve being lifted off the tuning lathe - a beautiful casting.

All finished and ready for dispatch.

Horringer, Suffolk, St Leonard's Parish Church:-     A new ring of eight bells, with a tenor weighing 8 cwts has been cast and installed at this church. A new bell frame of galvanised steel has been manufactured, and all new fittings provided. Access ladders and sound deflecting louvre boards completed the project, which benefitted from a substantial HLF grant.

Horringer Parish Church.

Removing one of the old ring.

The new ring ready for dispatch.

Ross prepares to construct the four new sets of oak louvres for Horringer's belfry.

New louvres under construction

Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire, The Market Bell:-     This 6 cwt market bell had been in storage at Taylors since 2001. It was cast circa 1330 by Richard de Wymbis, and has now been conserved and sand blasted. Nedw fittings for chiming have been manufactured, and the bell rehung.

The Market Bell after cleaning.

Crewe, Cheshire, The Market Hall Bell:-     Maintenance work has been completed on this Market hall clock bell. The bell is made from cast steel and is the work of Naylor Vickers of Sheffield. It has a diameter of 42". Maintenance work included the treating of the surface of the bell with a rust inhibiting coating, and the re-painting it.

Stoke Edith, Herefordshire, St Mary the Virgin:-     This 14 cwt ring of six was last restored and rehung by Talors in 1903. The six "fishtail" clappers and their crownstaples have been restored and returned to the bells.

The restored clappers and crownstaples ready for dispatch.

Lenton Boulevard, Nottinghamshire, St Paul's R C Church:-     The single Taylor bell at this church dates from 1929 and is hung for swing chiming. A restoration of the fittings has been completed, including the provision of a new replacement chiming lever.

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