April - June 2016

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2016  Completed Projects

Work Completed April - June 2016

Hemispherical Bells for a Manor House:-     Following a fire that destroyed a Westminster Chime of five hemispherical bells at the home of a well known celebrity, Taylors were asked to provide replacements. These have now been cast and dispatched - the largest weihing over 7 cwts.

Girdar after tuning the bells.

Another Bell For Marcus Vergette:-      We have cast a number of non standard shaped bells for the artist Marcus Virgette. The artist decides on the shape, as part of his "Sustain Project". Another, with a diameter of 36" has been cast, tuned and dispatched to his home.

The bell after tuning.

Malta, Valetta, The Maritime Museum:-     Having supplied a chime of eight bells to this museum earlier this year, the customer ordered a further four treble bells to make a set of twelve. These have now been cast and tuned and after engraving will be shipped, together with electro-magnetic chiming hammers, to Malta.

Four G & J Profile trebles prior to dispatch.

Margaret River, Australia, Lenton Brae Wineyard:-     A chime of five bells has been cast and shipped to Margaret River in Australia. The largest bell weighs over 5 cwts, and the bells are tuned to the five notes of the Westminster chime, bells 2,3,4,7,& 8 of an octave. The customer hopes to order the three missing bells shortly. The bells will be hung for chiming, and electro-magnetic chiming hammers and an Apollo programmable unit have been supplied with the bells.

The new vinyard bells before dispatch.

An Aluminium Bell For An Artist:-     Artist Alistair MacKie has been supplied with an aluminium bell with a diameter of one metre at his request. This project has been funded as part of a recycling initiative using scrap aluminium. It is interesting to note that a conventional bell of this size would weigh more than half a ton, whereas this one weighs little more than 3 cwts.

Anthony Stone is justifiably proud of the casting - photo taken with the bell straight from the mould without any cleaning up.

Hereford, Herefordshire, All Saints' Parish Church:-     The ring of eight at this church is largely the work of Rudhall of Gloucester and dates from 1769. The fifth and treble bells were removed from the tower and brought back to Loughborough. The fifth was cracked and had to be welded, and the treble had its cast-in iron crown staple removed. The fittings from both bells were restored and overhauled and the bells then rehung.

The fifth after welding.

Torfaen County Council, Wales:-     A modern Taylor bell dating from the 1930's was brought to the Foundry by Council employees for cleaning and sand blasting, and for the drilling out of rusted in supporting bolts. This work has been completed and the bell returned.

Torfan Council's bell ready for dispatch.

Halifax, West Yorkshire, The Piece Hall:-     The bell from this Grade I listed Georgian complex has been conserved and restored, and supllied with all new fittings for swing chiming.

The Piece Hall Bell reday for dispatch.

Goran, Cornwall, St Goranus' Parish Church:-     It is only a year since Taylor's installed a 24 cwt ring of eight (ex Chatham) together with a new cast iron bell frame and all new fittings to this church. The bells have proved so popular with the villagers that extra money has been forthcoming for two new treble bells to make a ring of ten. The bells, extension cast iron bell frame and new fittings have now been installed and a splendid ring of ten has been successfully created.

Customer Testimonial:-     David Ralls wrote from Goran: "What a wonderful ring of ten we now have. The two trebles match in excellently..... a great job done by all those involved at the Foundry. Some of the ringers at the try out thought they were a better 10 than 8 a testament to the tuning work done by Girdar. ... a fine job has been done. I think Andrew and Roy (Taylor's bell hangers) are also pleased with the outcome of their labours. They work well together and are a credit to the Company."

Goran's new treble bells prior to dispatch

Andrew Ogden rings the 2nd up on the wheel to check all is well before putting the rope on.

The treble hung in its pit (Photos: Roy LeMarechal).

Flixton, Greater Manchester, St Michael's Parish Church:-     A major overhaul has been completed on this 13 cwt eight. The clappers and crown staples were returned to Loughborough for complete restoration/alteration. The tenor bell's cast in iron crown staple was drilled out in the tower. The bells were lifted from their pits and their bearings cleaned/replaced. The late 19th century composite oak and cast iron Taylor bell frame was completely cleaned and repainted, and the bells rehung.

Our bellhanger, Chris Bennett, has made a lovely job of painting the cast iron side frames.

A clean and tidy belfry - a joy to behold!

Photos: Chris Bennett.

New York, USA, Trinity Church, Wall Street:-      A new sharp second bell, together with all new fittings and an extension bell frame, has been supplied and installed to augment this modern Taylor 24 cwt ring of twelve (tenor 24 cwts). This provides the Trinity ringers with a lighter ring of eight for teaching purposes (tenor 8 cwts). The installation involved considerable alteration to the layout of the bell frame so that the entire ring remains on a single level. While our bell hangers were on site, various maintenance and correctional work has also been undertaken to both the ringing peal and the 27 cwt bass bell chime of eleven that hangs above them.

Trinity Church in the heart of Manhattan's financial district.

The new sharp second bell before export.

An Order For An American Customer:-     Four bells have been cast and shipped to the USA for an American customer. The largest weighs 15 cwts, and they will join an existing chime of ten bells.

The bells just before shipping.

Edgbaston, Birmingham, St Bartholomew's Parish Church:-     Maintenance work has been completed on this Taylor 1927 ring of eight. The front six bells were lifted from their pits and their bearings were cleaned and checked and replaced as necessary. The rope roller boxes, together with the 3rd clapper and crown staple, were returned to the Foundry for complete refurbishment. The components were then returned to the bells.

Alstonefield, Staffordshire, St Peter:-     The clappers and crown staples from this 10 cwt ring of six were returned to the Foundry for re-profiling, new bushes, new joint pins and complete refurbishment. This work has been completed and the bells rung to a peal since their reinstatement, with Stuart Hutchieson writing, "I thought the bells sounded really good  with the 'new' clappers in them".

Marden, Herefordshire, St Mary the Virgin:-     A major refurbishment and restoration has been completed on this 12 cwt ring of six. The bells and fittings were stripped out and brought back to Loughborough. The bells were conserved and their cast-in iron staples removed before they were tuned and new seating pads cast on their heads. All new ringing fittings were manufactured and fitted to the bells. The William Greenleaf cast iron bell frame from 1909 was completely cleaned and repainted while the tower was empty, and major work was undertaken to the tower's floors. The belfry floor structure was repaired, and a new ringing chamber was created at a higher level in the tower, with repairs to the new ringing chamber floor and the insertion of a new ringing chamber ceiling. The old ringing chamber floor was also re-boarded. New hardwood oak belfry louvres were manufactured and fitted to all eight louvre openings, and a new galvanised steel spire access ladder was manufactured and installed, together with a new galvanised steel mesh floor at the base of the spire. The bells were then rehung in the restored tower and should serve well throughout this century and well into the next.

Customer Testimonial:-    Colin Ward wrote to say, "Just to let you know that yesterday we rang the first peal since your splendid rehang at Marden. We were all most impressed by the splendid job you have done."

Marden bells cleaned, tuned and ready for their new fittings.

With their new fittings and rehung.

Just some of the major work undertaken to various of the belfry floors.

The new ringing chamber ceiling.

Some of the new sets of oak louvres during construction at Loughborough.

The new louvres in situ.

Also part of the contract - Carl with one of three iron gates he has manufactured for the belfry stairway.

One of the new oak belfry doors manufactured at Taylor's.

Curry Rivel, Somerset, St Andrew's Parish Church:-     Major maintenance and restoration work has now been completed on this 18 cwt ring of eight. The cast iron and steel bell frame has been cleaned and repainted, and all the bells lifted and their bearings have been cleaned or replaced. The clappers and crown staples have been restored after re-profiling. New weather proofing screens have been manufactured and fitted to the louvre openings.

A rusty bell frame no longer.

Belfry cleaned and the bell frame and iron bell fittings cleaned and painted - a beautiful job.

Coleshill, Warwickshire, St Peter & St Paul:-      The clappers and crownstaples from this modern Taylor ring of ten have been completely re-profiled and restored. Local ringers will replace them in the bells.

Great Holland, Essex, All Saints' Parish Church :-      The clappers and crown staples from this Taylor 1930 ring of eight have been completely restored and replaced in the bells. The "Hastings" stay mechanisms have been refurbished and a completely new set of ash bell stays have been manufactured and fitted.

Local Essex boy, Director Mike Semken, gets his hands dirty restoring Great Holland's clappers.

Nether Heyford, Northamptonshire, St Peter & St Paul :-     The headstock of the treble bell of this 7 cwt ring of six dates from 1946 and is the work of Gillett & Johnston. It was removed from the tower and brought to Loughborough for the fitting of new gudgeons after one of them fractured. The work was completed and the bell rehung.

Sandal Magna, West Yorkshire, St Helen's Parish Church:-     Maintenance work on this ring of six has included the restoration of the clappers and crown staples of bells 1, 3, & 5. A replacement wrought iron clapper has been supplied for the tenor bell from stock.
Undy, Monmouthshire, The Parish Church:-     The single bell at this church has been restored for chiming in situ.

Alstonefield, Staffordshire, St Peter's:-     The clappers and crown staples from this 10 cwt ring of six have been completely restored and are ready for refitting - the spheroidal graphite clappers were re-profiled on the Foundry lathes to give the timings of traditional wrought iron clappers.    


Walmer, Kent, St Mary's Parish Church:-     Two new bell wheels for the treble and seventh bell have been manufactured and supplied. These will be fitted by the KCA Bell Restoration Team.

Leicester, Leicestershire, St Margaret's Parish Church:-      Six of the bell wheels from St Margaret's have been delivered for new soling and shrouding. This work has been completed and the wheels returned for fitting by local labour.

Wrexham, Wales, St Giles' Parish Church:-     Maintenance and refurbishment work has been completed on this 24 cwt Rudhall ring of ten. The clappers and crown staples have been fully restored, and a new wooden shafted clapper manufactured for the tenor bell. The bell wheels were brought back to Loughborough for restoration, including new soling and shrouding, and various of the rope roller boxes were fully renovated.

The beautiful tower of Wrexham Parish Church.

Rothley, Leicestershire, St Mary the Virgin:-      The ground pulleys from this 11 cwt ring of six have been removed, restored and re-fitted.

Leicester, Leicestershire, The Church of the Martyrs:-     The single bell at this church has had its fittings cleaned, painted and fully restored. A new Ellacombe Chiming Hammer, together with supporting seating pad and new bell rope have been installed, and the bell bolts have been replaced in situ.

Wistaston, Cheshire, St Mary's Parish Church:-      A headstock and wheel from this 5 cwt ring of eight have been repaired and dispatched as per customer's instructions.

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