October - December 2016

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2016 Completed Projects

Work Completed October - December 2016

Litton Cheney, Dorset, St Mary's Parish Church:-      Major maintenance/restoration work has been completed on this 13 cwt eight. The 6th & tenor bells were removed from the tower and brought back to Loughborough, where dye penetration testing proved the 6th had a crack in its crown. This was repaired by welding at "Soundweld Ltd", and both bells then underwent conservation work at Loughborough. New cast iron canon retaining headstocks were manufactured and fitted to these bells, and their fittings were adapted/restored as necessary. A new wooden shafted clapper was manufactured and fitted to the tenor bell. The fittings of the remaining six bells were overhauled, and the 6th & tenor bells were returned to Litton Cheney and rehung.

Inscription detail from the 1656 Thomas Purdue 6th bell.

Wimborne St Giles, Dorset, St Giles Parish Church:-     The 6th bell from this classic 14 cwt Taylor eight was recast at Loughborough in 2015 following an accident in the tower. Maintenance work has now been completed to the clappers and crown staples, and after restoration these are now back and the bells are ringing once more.

Simon applies the final gloss coat to the refurbished clappers before dispatch.

St Stephens by Saltash, Cornwall, St Stephen's Parish Church:-     The tenor headstock from this classic Taylor 15 cwt ring of six was brought back to Loughborough for the replacement of its gudgeons. Three new double roller boxes were also supplied and fitted to complete the maintenance work.

Aldershot, Hampshire, St Michael the Archangel:-      This 9 cwt ring of eight was cast and hung by Taylors in 1960, and has had a lot of ringing in the intervening years. Major maintenance work has now been completed to keep the installation in first class condition. All the bells have been lifted from their pits and their bearings have been replaced. Clappers, crown staples and rope roller boxes have been fully restored, and a new rope guide for the back six bells has been manufactured and installed.

Bournemouth, Hampshire, St Alban's Parish Church:-      The bell at this church has been rehung with new insulated bell bolts and waterproof bell pad, and its cast iron headstock has been cleaned and painted. A new electro-magnetic clapper has been fitted, together with a new automatic timing unit.

Nassington, Northamptonshire, St Mary & All Saints:-      A major restoration and augmentation has been completed to provide this church with a delightful 9 cwt ring of six. Originally a minor five, the bells were rehung in a new cast iron bell frame, on new fittings by Taylors in 1921. The entire installation was removed from the tower and brought back to Loughborough. The 1921 ringing fittings were restored and reused, and the cast iron "H" frame sides were sandblasted and reused in the newly built and extended six bell frame, on a new galvanised steel understructure. A new treble bell was cast and new fittings manufactured for it, and the original 3rd & 4th were recast to put the bells into a major key. The other bells were tuned.

A new weather protecting floor was installed at the base of the spire, and the installation of galvanised steel ladders and walkways will complete the scheme.

Colin build's Nassington's new bell frame.

Nassinton bells ready for Bill to apply their final polish before dispatch.

Stockton Heath, Warrington, Cheshire, St Thomas' Parish Church:-      A 17cwt ring of ten has been installed at this church. Eight of the bells originally hung at St John the Baptist, Bollington, Cheshire and were removed some years ago and stored at Loughborough. They were a Taylor eight cast in 1880, and had been completely restored and rehung in 1931 by Taylors. Originally rehung in a two tier frame at Bollington, the upper "lowside" framesides were able to be re-used, together with all the 1931 bell fittings after restoration. A new base grillage and "lowside" frame for ten was built, and two new trebles were cast to match, and the "new" ten rehung ina single tier bellframe at Stockton Heath. Sound control was installed to complete the project.

The bells ready for dispatch from Loughborough

Dedication day at Stockton Heath.

Great Comberton, Worcestershire, St Michael's Parish Church:-     The clappers and crown staples from this 8 cwt ring of six have been completely restored and returned to their bells.

Kings Norton, West Midlands, St Nicholas's Parish Church:-     The clappers from the front nine bells of this classic Taylor 17cwt ring of ten have been completely restored with new bushes, joint pins, and refacing, and have been returned to the bells.

The mediaeval spire of St. Nicholas, Kings Norton rises above the tree line.

Shilllington, Bedfordshire, All Saints' Parish Church:-     This 18 cwt ring of five was rehung by Taylors in 2005. Following an accident the 3rd bell has now been rehung. A new cast iron headstock was manufactured and fitted in the tower. The bell wheel was repaired, and a new slider provided and fitted, and the bell was rehung.

Great Hampden, Buckinghamshire, St Mary Magdalene:-     This 8cwt ring of three was last rehung by Taylors in 1906, when the treble was also recast. The parish commissioned Taylors to provide and install an automatic electro-magnetic automatic chiming system, together with a pre-programmable Apollo Unit. Work on this has now been completed.

Henley in Arden, Warwickshire, St John the Baptist:-     Two dial drive motors have been supplied and fitted to the internal gear work of the two clock faces at this church, to replace the mechanical clock mechanism.

Willoughby, Warwickshire, St Nicholas' Parish Church:-     A rope guide has been installed to make this ground floor six easier to handle.

Allesley, Coventry, West Midlands, All Saints':-     Six of the eight bells in this ring were modern Taylor bells, and a seventh has been acquired from Holy Trinity, Bury, Lancashire. This has been tuned to match and replaces the existing Joseph Smith 6th bell. The Taylor fittings from 1901 have been adapted to fit the replacement bell, and it has now been hung. The old 6th, together with the old 4th which was replaced in 2013, have been hung for chiming in the upper bell frame.

Customer Testimonial:-  Mike Chester has written from Allesley to say, "We have rung the "new" bell on several occasions and every person that has rung it has said that the bell fits in very well with the ring and is easy to ring. Girdar has done a very good job in tuning the bell, it hums beautifully."

The bell as it came in from Bury.

An amazing transformation - after sandblasting, tuning and the transfer of the 1901 fittings - ready for dispatch to Allesley.

Market Bosworth, Leicestershire, St Peter's Parish Church:-     Maintenance work has been completed on this 14 cwt ring of eight, including the rebushing/restoration of some of the clappers & rope rollers, and the supply and installation of new Nylocast floor rope bosses.

Dunbarton, Scotland, St Patrick's R C Church:-     Work has been completed to provide and install wire mesh louvre screens, and "Galebreaker" weather proofing screens to the belfry of this church.

Bourton on the Water, Gloucestershire, St Lawrence's Parish Church:-     Major maintenance work has been completed on this 1957 Taylor eight. All of the bells have been lifted from their pits and their bearings have been cleaned/replaced as necesssary. The "gate ends" were removed, sand blasted and re fitted. The entire bell frame was thoroughly cleaned and re painted. Clappers and crown staples were fully restored, and some minor repairs were carried out to the bell wheels' shrouding.

Maintenance complete - it looks splendid (Photos: Chris Bennett)

Ebbw Vale, Gwent, Wales, Christ Church:-     Major maintenance work has been completed on this Taylor 24 cwt eight which date from 1937. Some of the beam ends were displaying signs of excessive rusting where they were grouted into the tower walls. These have been broken out, treated and re-grouted. Some of the pulleys have been restored, part of the belfry floor repaired, and all the ceiling bosses have been replaced.

Ossett, West Yorkshire, The Holy & Undivided Trinity:-     This Taylor ring of fourteen, plus semi-tone, has been augmented to the first ever diatonic ring of fifteen. The extra treble bell, plus fittings and framework have been manufactured at Taylors in the past months, and are now in place.

The centre hole being drilled prior to tuning - a small but very thick bell to achieve the necessary weight, volume and note required.

Edinburgh, Scotland, The Greyfriars' Church:-    The single bell at this church has had an electro-magnetic hammer supplied and fitted, together with an Angelus Automatic Controller Unit.

Middlesborough, Teesside, Hemlington, St Timothy's Parish Church:-     The single bell at this church has had an electro-magnetic hammer fitted, together with an Apollo Automatic Controller Unit.

Ringstead, Northamptonshire, The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary:-      Major restoration work has now been completed on this 12 cwt ring of six which were last rehung by Gillett & Johnston in 1914. One of the steel base girders had rotted and has been replaced, the the entire cast iron & steel bellframe has been thoroughly cleaned and repainted. The frictional parts have all been restored, including the roller boxes, clappers, crown staples, stays and slider runner carriages. The shrouding of all the bell wheels has been refixed using stainless steel screws.

Rarely photographed, our bell hanger Steve Westerman, after rfeturning Ringstead's component parts.

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Our Lady & English Martyrs R C Church:-     Work has been completed to install and commission an electro-magnetic chiming hammer and angelus control unit on the service bell at this church. This bell is not part of the ring of eight (tenor 31 cwts) which this Foundry installed at the church in the last decade of the 19th century.

Breamore, Hampshire, St Mary's Parish Church:-     This 12 cwt ring of four is the work of the Loughborough Bell Foundry, with the bells, bell fittings and bell frame all dating from 1922. The bells are rung from the ground floor at the chancel crossing. A major maintenance programme has now been completed, with the cast iron and steel bell frame being cleaned down and repainted, and the bells lifted and bearings checked and cleaned. The clappers, crown staples and roller boxes have been restored at the Foundry as part of the restoration.

The restored bell frame (Photos: Chris Bennett).

Nearing its 100th birthday - the restored frame looks as good as new!

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