July - September 2016

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2016 Completed Projects

Work Completed July - September 2016

Drayton Bassett, Staffordshire, St Peter's Parish Church:-     A new cast iron six bell frame was installed by Taylor's at this church in 1964. At that time three new Taylor bells, together with a 1713 bell as treble, were hung in it. The 1713 bell has now been retired as a service bell, and three new trebles have been cast and hung to complete a Taylor six with a 6 cwt tenor bell.

Two of the new headstocks have been inscribed as memorials.

The three new trebles lined up for their final polish and dispatch.

The dedication plaque supplied to complete the project.

Gussage, Dorset, All Saints' Parish Church:-     A set of five cast iron headstocks with gudgeons, bearings & bearing housings (4 canon retaining and 1 Normal) have been manufactured and supplied to Matthew Higby who is rehanging this ring.

Gussage headstocks ready for collection.

Clappers/Crownstaples Department:-     This department has a constant flow of clappers/crownstaples to restore. In recent weeks we have completed the restoration of clappers/crownstaples from the following churchs:- Ambleside, Drewsteignton, St Martins, Tangley, Kenilworth, Middleton on the Wolds, Banwell, Ossett, Edinburgh, Almondsbury, etc.

Customer Testimonial:-    Gerry Anniss wrote from Almondsbury, " I just wanted to thank you for all your help and advice, and to let you know that we installed the reprofiled 6 & 7, and the wooden shafted tenor clappers last Saturday, and that we are extremely pleased with the result. We can now chime all three bells with ease and raise them correctly. The band were impressed with the result. Thank you."

Various of the clappers ready for dispatch.

Halkyn, Flintshire, St Mary the Virgin:-     An Ellacombe chiming system has been installed on this 10 cwt Taylor six, which date from 1878.

Kirkheaton, West Yorkshire, St John the Baptist:-     The clappers, crown staples and roller boxes from this 11 cwt Taylor eight have been fully refurbished, and will be installed by members of the local band.

Broomfield, Kent, St Margaret's Parish Church:-     Taylor's cast a bell to augment this ring to five in 2015, and we have now completed work to provide another treble bell, together with all new ringing fittings, to give a ring of six, tenor 4 cwts. The bell will be supplied to the Kent County Association Bell Restoration Team, who will carry out the hanging.

The new treble ready for dispatch.

Weston, Bradford, West Yorkshire:-     The two ancient bells from this church, dating from circa 1200 & 1350, were stolen a few years ago, and the insurance company paid for their replacement. The two ancient bells were subsequently found not far from the church in an overgrown ditch and the parish has ordered their rehanging inside the church. New galvanised steel hanging brackets were manufactured, and the bells were rehung on these on new hardwood headstocks with trigger action clappers.

The two replacement bells hang in the turret. (Photos: Paul Mason.)

The two ancient bells now hang inside the church on the west wall.

Walthamstow, London, St Mary's Parish Church:-     The 19 cwt ring of ten from this church are the work of London bell founders, and date from 1778 to 1896. They were last restored and rehung in a new composite bellframe of oak and cast iron by Warners in 1896. The bells have been tuned, and all new fittings have been manufactured and fitted, and the bells rehung in the restored 1896 bell frame. A new openable sound control system has been constructed on the inside faces of the louvres.

The bells at Loughborough ready for final polish and dispatch.

Paul shaves the salley of one of the new bell ropes.

Unloading the restored bells.

The first of the bells is lifted back into the belfry (Photos: Katherine Marshall).

Kettering, Northamptonshire, All Saints' Parish Church:-     The single bell from this parish church, cast by Carr of Smethwick, had fallen from its mountings. It has been conserved, and new fittings for stationary chiming have been manufactured, and the bell rehung. A new electro-magnetic chiming hammer and programmable automatic chiming unit have been installed to complete the project.

Grindale, East Yorkshire, St Nicholas' Parish Church:-     The two bells at this church had become unsafe and were taken down. Both were found to be cracked in the crown, and so two Taylor 1934 bells have been found to replace them. The bells have been hung on new fittings for swing chiming.

Rochdale Town Hall, Lancashire:-     The five drop clock hammers from this Taylor chime (largest 58 cwts) have been restored and refitted.

Another American Order:-     Three bells, largest 12 cwts, have been cast for the Mount Carmel Monestery in the USA. The bells have been tuned and shipped to the customer.

Girdar with the three bells prior to shipping.

Wells Next the Sea, Norfolk, St Nicholas' Parish Church:-     This 16 cwt Taylor eight dating from 1890 hangs in a composite cast iron and hardwood bell frame. The largest three bells have had new cast iron headstocks manufactured for them and fitted. New gudgeons, bearings and roller boxes have also been provided. The hour bell has had its bell bolts replaced, and a new set of bell ropes has also been manufactured and fitted.

Blyth, Nottinghamshire, St Mary & St Martin:-     Maintenance work on this 1935 Taylor ring of six has now been completed. All the bells were lifted from their pits and their bearings cleaned or replaced as necessary. A full service of the installation has also been carried out.

Grinton, North Yorkshire, St Andrew's Church:-     Two trebles have been cast and hung to augment this 10 cwt six to eight. Of the original six three were Taylor's 1896 and one G & J 1926. In that year Gillett & Johnstone rehung the bells in a cast iron and steel "H" frame for eight, so the two vacant pits are now filled.

Grinton's new treble bells.

Grange over Sands, Cumbria, Boarbank Hall:-      This Augustian Community of Sisters have had their chime of eight bells automated by the installation of a master controller unit and clock which will drive the existing electro magnetic hammers.    

Hunstanton, Norfolk, Our Lady of Perpetual Succour & St Edmund R C Church:-     The single bell from this church has been rehung on a new stainless steel headstock after cleaning by gentle sandblasting and tuning. A new electro-magnetic internal chiming hammer and pre-programmable chiming unit was also supplied and fitted.

St Peter in Thanet, Kent, St Peter the Apostle:-     Work has been completed to improve this 13 cwt ring of eight. The clappers and crown staples of all the bells have been restored, and the rope circle redesigned using double roller boxes to draw the bell ropes. The treble and second bells have been swapped in their pits. The old rope guide has been removed, and two new rope guides have been designed, manufactured, and installed.

Notting Hill, London, St Francis of Assisi R C Church:-     The single bell at this church has been supplied with a new electro-magnetic hammer and new automatic controller unit.

Clarborough, Nottinghamshire, St John the Baptist:-     This 9 cwt ring of six was created when Haywood Mills Associates added three second hand trebles to an existing three at the church, and hung them in a new galvanised steel bell frame with all new fittings in 1993. The 1608  treble of six has now been retired and three new trebles cast to augment the ring to eight. A new single tier upper bell frame has been manufactured and installed and the lower tier bell frame modified to create another pit, and the new bells hung on new fittings.

Clarborough's three new treble bells.

One of the trebles ready for dispatch.

Belper, Derbyshire, Christ Church :-      A new Apollo unit has been installed to chime the three bells of this church automatically.

Sudden, Rochdale, Lancashire:-     The single bell at this church has been rehung with new bell bolts and a new seating pad. The trigger action clapper and crown staple have been completely refurbished and returned to the bell.

Compton Verney House, Warwickshire, The Chapel:-     Work has been carried out to make this chapel bell useable once more. A new stainless steel wire transmission was supplied and fitted, together with pulleys and a traditional bell rope.

Malta, Valetta, The Maritime Museum:-     Having supplied a chime of eight bells to this museum earlier this year, a further four bells were ordered to increase the chime to a diatonic twelve - all cast to G & J profiles. These bells, and associated electro-magnetic chiming gear, are now ready for export.

Polished, engraved, and ready to go.

Bristol, Clifton R C Cathedral of St Peter & St Paul:-     This modern cathedral was supplied with two Taylor bells in 1973. With major fabric work being undertaken and scaffolding in place our bellhangers have taken the two bells down and checked their hangings, and supplied and fitted two electro-magnetic hammers to replace the original ones.

Hazelwood, Derbyshire, The Parish Church:-     The two turret bells at this church have had works carried out to repair and service their fittings.

Liddington, Wiltshire, All Saints Parish Church:-     A major bell restoration project has been completed at this church. The original 7 cwt ground floor ring of five which dated between 1663 & 1849 were removed from the tower for conservation work and the refurbishment of their fittings, and were then rehung in their original oak bell frame to be retained for historical purposes. A new ring of six (tenor 8 - 2 - 11) was cast, and a new cast iron and galvanised steel bell frame manufactured. All new ringing fittings were produced for the new bells and they were hung beneath the original five. A new ringers' gallery was constructed, together with new ringing chamber ceiling and bell chamber floor.

The bells in their frame during construction at Loughborough

One of the new trebles is wheeled into the church (Photo: Malcolm Barnes).

The new bells and frame during construction in the tower (Photo: Malcolm Barnes).

The Dedication.

Scothern, Lincolnshire, The Parish Church of St Germain's:-     Work has been completed on this Taylor 1887 ring of six. The clappers, crown staples and pulleys were fully refurbished, and two new galvanised steel beams were manufactured and fitted beneath the frame to strengthen it.

Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland, The Church of St Columba:-     A newly cast chime of four bells (largest 3 cwts) has been installed in an eight bell frame, together with electro-magnetic hammers and a programmable Apollo controller unit. It is hope that the other four bells will be added in the near future to complete the project.

Ayr's newly cast chime of four.

Fulwood, Preston, Lancashire, St Anthony of Padua R C Church:-     The single Taylor bell at this church, which is hung for swing chiming, has had an electro-magnetic side hammer supplied and installed. Together with a programmable controller unit, this allows the Angelus to be sounded automatically, and can be used for other chimings as necessary.

Abergele, North Wales, St Michael's Parish Church:-      Maintenance work has now been completed on this 8 cwt ring of six. The composite cast iron and hardwood bellframe has been cleaned and repainted. The metal bell fittings have similarly beeen cleaned and painted.  All six bell wheels were returned to Loughborough for restoration, including the fitting of new soling and shrouding to each of them.

The restored bells ready to ring out. (Photos: Chris Bennett).

Middleham, North Yorkshire, St Mary & St Alkelda:-     The clappers and crown staples from this 1911 classic Taylor 18 cwt eight were brought to the Foundry by local ringers. They have been fully refurbished and will be collected and fitted by volunteers.

Clodock, Herefordshire, St Clydog Parish Church:-     This classic Taylor 1953 10 cwt ring of six was rung from the ground floor. The space under the tower was needed for other use and so an upstairs ringing chamber has been created by the installation of a new floor, together with ladder access.

The new floor during construction.

Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, St Andrew's Parish Church:-     Work to restore and augment this 1912 G & J  ring to ten has now been completed and the bells are now ringing once again. New retractable lifting beams were manufactured and installed so that the bells could be removed via the south louvre opening. The bells and their fittings were brought to Loughborough in a very dirty and greasy state. The cast iron headstocks and the bells were cleaned by gentle sandblasting and came up like new. The partial tones of the bells were corrected as far as possible, and since the tenor bell could not be tuned well it was recast. Two new treble bells were cast to G & J profiles, and matching fittings were manufactured for these. The existing headstocks had new gudgeons and bearings fitted, and the other fittings for the back eight bells were fully restored.

While the bells were at the Foundry the bellframe was partially dismantled and redesigned to accommodate all ten bells. New matching cast iron "H" frames were cast in our foundry and fitted as part of the installation. The bell frame was then thoroughly cleaned and repainted while empty. The restored bells and fittings were returned and rehung, and make a very good light ten.

This project has been completed with the fitting of sound control at the louvres, and new access ladders within the tower. A dumb bell for training purposes will be manufactured and installed.

The bells as they came to Loughborough

And after cleaning - what a difference!

Painting the empty bell frame.

Loading the restored bells prior to dispatch to Biggleswade.

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